Saturday, August 15, 2009

i T E A R=[

Sad time sit and cry.

Wondering who what where when and WHY.?

Was this suppose to happen to me.

Don't question. close your eye's then you'll see.

Eye's closed.

No worries.

No hurries.


Fast past.

No time to waste.

More Fears.

All these tears.

But why i cry.

Want to know why.?

---Just look deep down into your eye's
(sorry if you guys don't like it.
i just made it up on the spot.] =]

Sunday, July 26, 2009


i said i was gonna come on here. more.
----<<>>i havent been on in a L O N G(Time]
my apologies.=]

----but S O M E news.
that boy in my other blog P O S T.=]
well we hadn't talked in a coupled
weeks. because my internet was O U T

----but when i came back up.
he asked me to be his girlfriend----=D
and&+ obviously i said Y E S...

--S A D L E Y i havent seen him a a while
but we talk............... A L L the time. =]

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

---------------->.).BOY TROUBLE=/

Well there is this one boy that i REALLY kinda sorta like. lol.

I THINK he likes me too but idrk. we tk ALOT. I like talking

to him but he can be boring. we tlk on aim all the time.

He hits me up the most....but he never has nothing to say. lol.

it's ok cz i still like tlkin to him =]. he likes when i come up with

the convo but i never really have anything to say=/. so i always

ask him if he wants me to tlk about my life.(im being sarcastic)

but he always says yes. lol. idk why tho but it's all good i tell him

everythin i do on a normal day. which is basicall nothing imean i'm

16 with a permit what isthere for me to do. lol.

but the reason fot his post is because i want help on trying to figure out if

he really has feelings fr me. i think he does but not really sure.

=/ AND if he does how do i get HIM to make the first move.?

cz im REALLY shy. lol.

HELP.! =]

Well I haven't been on here in a while. but hey what does it really matter i barely know how to work this thing anyways. =] hehe.
BUT imma try to come on more often. =/

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

From the H E A R T.♥

He Yells
He Screams
He's sometime's Mean
It Hurt's more that I make it seem
On the outside I smile
Inside I cry
The pain,Deeper than and Inch
More like a Mile
All I can do is sit and wonder why?
Why bother?
There's no way i would or could say this